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COMIC REVIEW: FTN reviews Jirni #1

April 26th, 2013 by Dave Christian Comments

Written by JT Krul
Art by Paolo Pantalena

Colors by Brett Smith

Letters by Josh Reed

Jirni is a new title from Aspen Comics that was created and is written by JT Krul. It is the story of Ara who is in pursuit of the man who took her mother from her. In the first issue Ara encounters a group of hrugites, brutes who are attempted to eat a girl and her father. Ara kills the group and saves the girl, who is instructed by her dying father to head East and seek out the remainder of her people in the Great City. The two set out on their journey together. One seeking a people she thought she’d never see. The other seeking answers to her shape-changing abilities and the mother she lost.

The story also chronicles Ara’s mother Luna, who is currently being held by a sorcered named Torinthal. The two encounter a band of thieves, which Torinthal quickly disposes off using a great and magical power he possesses. Torinathal is focused on his journey, although where he is taking Luna, or why, is not yet revealed.

The artwork by Paolo Pantalena is gorgeous! It is truly a wonderful fantasy-styled book, perfect for the story and characters. JT Krul does an amazing job of introducing the characters to us, making us long for Ara to find her answers, and causing us to hurt when young Nylese losses her father. The book is deeply entertaining and well crafted. With is also having a cover price of $1 as part of Aspen’s special “10 For 10” celebration, you cannot go wrong with giving it a try. If you’re a fan of fantasy books and tales of mystical worlds, then Jirni is for you!

4 out 5 nerds

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Dave Christian is a writer and avid Whovian. He owns the comic shop Sidekick Comics in Columbus, Indiana ( where he can be found daily peddling picture books to the masses.You can contact him at or on Twitter at @IndianaGeek.