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COMIC REVIEW: FTN reviews Longshot Saves The Marvel Universe #1

November 7th, 2013 by Spin Dash Comments

Writer: Christopher Hastings

Artist: Jacopo Camagni

Publisher: Marvel

I’m not sure if when going into this book I was expecting the greatness that we have come to know from the Deadpool mini-series. With a name like Longshot Saves the Marvel Universe you would think it was the flip side of Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe. That is not what we got in the opening salvo of this new mini-series from Marvel.

I have always liked Longshot; I loved his adventures in the Mojoverse and his relationship with Dazzler. While I did not read X-Factor when he was a member I have heard great things, so going into this story I had high hopes. However if I am to be honest the first issue was not what I was expecting, but could lead to something hopefully worth reading in subsequent issues. I mean it seems poignant that the luckiest man on the planet is the one to save the universe, however the plot in the beginning is vague and not a lot is truly explained.

Anyone who gets a lucky break in this story is targeted by a masked assailant who is looking for Longshot. The premise being that Longshot has to die due to his fortune throwing the universe out of balance. It is hinted that some of the fortune that Longshot has had in the past but can’t remember (he has lost his memories many times over the course of his existence in the Marvel Universe) is the reason the world is in peril. Add in Reed Richards finding a cosmic cube and it somehow landing in the grips of Longshot who then somehow rewrites existence and that in a nutshell is the first issue.

I’m not going to say this issue was spectacular because it really wasn’t, however I hope it begins to pick up in the next issues and to be fair there were some good points to this book. The ongoing issues of Reed Richards and Tony Stark trying to get the cosmic cube to a safe location via Tony driving a semi-truck with Reed in the driver seat was actually pretty funny. The fact that they keep getting detoured from their destination and for a trip that shouldn’t have taken that long turning into a all day affair was pretty fun to read. Also I did like the part where Longshot was hungry and wanted Tacos, kind of felt like a nod to good ol’ Deadpool in that right. The only other part I thought was pretty cool was when Reed loses control of his powers; it was humorous to see what happens when Mister Fantastic can’t control his abilities.

Other than that I am hoping for something more in the next issue. The cover they previewed at the end of the issue was pretty cool with Longshot having his arms around the Scarlet Witch and Dazzler. Maybe some of the memory issues will be corrected and maybe we can get some more insight into what is actually happening to the world as a whole. With alien invasions, demons and gods constantly causing havoc all over the place, what could a little luck actually be doing to through everything off kilter?

So from Spin to you I give this issue a not so Lucky…

3 out of 5 nerds


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The guru of Sonic, the master of Spin, Spin Dash has been a comic fan since his parents bought him a Masters of the Universe book from Star comics as a kid. A fan of all things "geek", he is well versed in Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who and anything else having to deal with things he wishes were real. Co-Host of Panel 2 Panel and creator of Spin Dash Productions, he is always on the go, whether with his day job (sitting in a cubicle) or spending time with his wife and 2 kids. He hopes to bring the people of Nerdtopia all he has to give and to entertain the masses! Follow him on Twitter @spindashreview.