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COMIC REVIEW: FTN reviews Miss Fury #6

September 28th, 2013 by Spin Dash Comments

Writer: Rob Wiliams

Artist: Marcio Abreu

Publisher: Dynamite

When you talk about the most awesome female characters in comics, there is only one who reigns supreme, Miss Fury! Her adventures in time travel are over and she has defeated the Nazi plans in 2013 and has returned to her own time in the 1940’s. However it is not the 40’s she remembers…or is it?

Her travels through time have warped reality and have started a strange set of circumstances that we are just now getting clues to as this new arc begins. Things are not what they appear as events that should have happened didn’t and people who should be in Marla Drake’s life have mysteriously disappeared. Her love, the one person who made her feel as if she had worth and had a purpose has vanished and the key to his whereabouts may lay with someone whom she knows to be dead. Also is she or isn’t she the only Marla Drake in this new time? That is why Miss Fury is so fantastic; it gives you so many questions that get answered over the course of an arc and yet still leave you with more questions!

Did she finally defeat the Nazi’s who had gone forward and tried to take over the world in 2013? If so, how is one who she knows to be dead still able to be seen and speak with her? Is he a ghost or as she puts it, a time ghost? Does he know what has happened to her beloved Captain Chandler? And what are the doors to other worlds that are sitting in the same space as we are? So many questions that need to be answered and the only way to find out is to read.

Miss Fury is one of the most BA female characters ever created and her new ongoing saga is a testament to that. Rob Williams has a true knack for capturing the essence of Marla Drake and his understanding of time travel makes me wonder if he has a Delorian in his garage. His way of conveying what happened to her during her travels and how the time stream has affected her is fantastic and is a great spin for this character.

The art from Marcio Abreu is breathtaking and he has such a knack for showing not only the beauty of Marla but her strength as well. You see she is agile and strong in every panel and when she is broken you feel it. Through his art you see so many emotions from the main character that brings you closer to her.

This is a series many may not have heard about but it is one of the best currently being printed. Miss Fury has been around since the 40’s and is still a great character to this day. I will put her up against any of the current ladies in comics who claim that they are a “Bad Ass” and watch Miss Fury knock them down a few pegs.

5 out of 5 nerds


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