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COMIC REVIEW: FTN reviews Morbius The Living Vampire #9

September 19th, 2013 by Spin Dash Comments

Writer: Joe Keating

Artist: Richard Elson

Color: Antonio Fabela

Publisher: Marvel Comics

It is always a sad Wednesday when you know one of the books you really like comes to an end. This week sadly we say good bye to Morbius the Living Vampire. A fantastic book that showed a new side to the classic character that has ended way before I feel it should have.

The final part of this 9-issue run is truly a well wrapped up issue. Most of the time you see when an issue is cancelled the writer tries to cram so much into the final issue, either to justify the decision or to get across what could have been in future instalments. Morbius surprising ties all the ends together pretty well, showing that the creative team cared enough about the character and story not to give us a rushed half put together story.

Keating really brought out something in Morbius that was truly spectacular for the character, he gave him a purpose. The protection of Brownsville and its people became the goal of Morbius even if he was always reluctant to do it. Keating made him a street hero and that was a good twist for the character and his lore. Bringing him down to the level where people do see him as a hero and not just a monster proves that everyone in the Marvel Universe can be a hero if put in the right circumstances. It also showed what one is willing to sacrifice in order to be the hero the people see you as.

With fantastic portrayals of characters such as The Rose and the cast of extra’s, the creative team of Morbius brought a book that should have continued and should have branched out. Sadly that did not happen. They did however give Michael someone to hold him to his humanity in Becky Barnes and I hope that in future appearances of Morbius she is by his side. Much like other woman in Marvel comics who have somehow found the humanity in a strange creature and decided to stay by his side, Becky is a character that has grown on me over the course of the 9-issue run.

Keating and his team, though short, made something that in my opinion was fantastic and the last issue was no exception. The final battle with the Rose was truly a thing of beauty, as it seemed to show that finally Morbius has realized who he is and what he is. That is what I feel this whole arc was about, him finding his way and finally after all these years truly knowing who he was supposed to be.

If you want an outing that truly is something of pure beauty please go pick up this entire 9 issue run. Morbius is unlike any of the character you may be reading in Avengers, he is one of those Marvel characters that really is more fantastic than most people know.

4.5 out of 5 nerds


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