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COMIC REVIEW: FTN reviews Savage Wolverine #6

August 2nd, 2013 by Shane Michael Comments

Writer: Zeb Wells

Art: Joe Madureira

Publisher: Marvel Comics

I jumped on-board Savage Wolverine with this issue as I had heard Joe Madureira was coming on to draw an arc of the book. Wolverine for me has become a really overused character and really only shines when in the hands of a great creative team but I couldn’t pass up this opportunity to read a monthly Joe Mad book again, even if it’s only for one arc!

The book opens with an assault on an underground government installation by assassin-for-hire Elektra. We come to learn that the installation was holding the remains of recently deceased bad-guy, Bullseye, or at least it was supposed to, because when Elektra finds the tomb, the body is gone. From here we visit the Hand in a meeting with Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin. The Hand council are in disillusion with the way the Kingpin is running them and have set him a trial by fire. Bullseye is to be resurrected to kill Fisk and if Fisk survives then he can continue to lead. Elektra enlists the aid of Wolverine after discovering that Bullseye could be back and they both set off, running into the Kingpin, it is revealed that Elektra works for Fisk, tasked to assemble a team to destroy the resurrected Bullseye. We also get a reveal of the Hand council and the Arbiters who are seemingly the puppet masters of the tale.

I have never really had much exposure to writer Zeb Well’s work as I have just read issues here and there of books he’s written but he really impressed me here. Several scenes made me genuinely laugh out loud which doesn’t happen very often. The scenes with Wolverine in the Avenger’s tower, especially his interaction with Spider-man are hilarious. Spider-man has always been known as a funny, quippy character, but in the hands of Well’s, I was giggling like a loon. The story itself has a great mixture of characters and I’m excited to see the beats as they unfold. Points to the writer for at least mentioning (and hopefully using later in the story) Bullseye, who is one of my favorite villains.

I can’t really say enough about Joe Mad’s art. He is one of the few artists who I follow in comics and as he only draws an arc of a book here and there, it’s always a treat to get new material from him. I’ve followed his career from the mid-nineties when he was drawing Uncanny X-Men onwards and I just love his style. I’m not a huge manga fan but Madureira’s manga/fantasy influenced style really gels with me and each page is like a four-course meal, and boy I was starved! Fingers crossed we get to see a Madureira drawn Bullseye!

Overall the book was an enjoyable fun read with an intriguing story, funny dialogue and great art so what more could you want from a comic? Buy it now!

5 out of 5 nerds


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