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COMIC REVIEW: FTN reviews Trillium #5

December 8th, 2013 by Julz Hendricks Comments

Written and illustrated by Jeff Lemire
Colors by: Jeff Lemire (bottom section) and Jose Villarrubia (top section)
Published by: Vertigo Comics

Trillium has all the wonderful elements of a perfect comic. Not only is the comic packed with science fiction, but there is also a romantic element.  The amount of detail that Lemire puts into each issue is really spectacular to look at. The fun part is that every issue has its quirks. This issue has the top half of the panels done by Villaarrubia, and the bottom panels are mirrored and done by Lemire. Some of the panels don’t match up, and I was easily distracted when reading because I wanted to read both parts at the same time.

The work that Lemire puts into this comic is something to praise. The storyline brings us closer to Nika and William nicely. The art is breathtaking. I have been a fan of Lemire’s work for a while now. You know a Lemire comic when you see one sitting on the shelf. He has a distinct art style that stands out from the rest. In Trillium, his color palate blends perfectly, and the watercolor-like panels are a sight to see. A lot of the story is told by the looks on the characters faces. Especially since you can’t translate most of what is being said. Lemire, and Villaarrubia’s different styles come together nicely.

William and Nika are separated in this issue, yet something is not right. It is hard to tell if this is all a dream, or if it really happened after the explosion in last issue (You can read Jake’s review of #4 here:  Nika and William have changed places, but they don’t really realize it yet. They know something is off, but can’t place it. Regardless of the forces that are tearing Nika and William apart, they keep coming back to each other.

With 5 issues to go in Trillium, it seems like we are still just getting started. Each issue brings something fresh and new to the table. I would like to see if the Trillium flower has the desired effect, because this is what started everything. I love everything about this comic. The art, the characters, the story, the romance; it’s no wonder Trillium is getting huge applause.

4.5 out of 5 nerds


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