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COMIC SPOTLIGHT: Horizon’s End Kickstarter

June 28th, 2013 by Christopher Williams Comments

Okay comic nerds and nerdettes, I rarely ever get behind or promote a Kickstarter, mainly because I am broke and there are too many great comics on Kickstarter to promote. However when one does across my fictitious comic editor desk at FTN that catches my eye than I feel I must make the people aware. Recently I was given the chance to take a look at Horizon’s End, an original graphic novel about a young girl working to free a race of xenophobic aliens from a galactic syndicate.

Like I said, I see quite a few requests asking for a Kickstarter to get some shine, but you know what drew me into this one? This awesome as all hell trailer posted below! Seriously folks, check it out and I dare you to not be amazed. There are some other great reasons to be supporting this book to its finish, namely who is involved. There are quite a few people involved with getting this book off the ground, but the standouts would have to be old school Green Lantern artist Darryl Banks whom you might remember as co-creator of Kyle Rayner, as well as being the designer of Parallax, Fatality and few other DC characters. Horizon’s End sees Banks team up with his former Green Lantern colorist Moose Baumann.

The Kickstarter has a ton of cool rewards so check it out and get in the ground floor of this book. Check out the Kickstarter here as well as the FaceBook page

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