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UPDATE!!!: Captain America, Iron Man, and Miles Morales Revealed As Final Members of the “All-New, All Different, Avengers”

March 24th, 2015 by Todd Black Comments



Secret Wars is fast approaching, and it promises to shake things up, especially in regards to the Avengers. Though the event hasn’t even started, Marvel is already teasing who will be in the next version of the team.

Dubbed the “All-New, All-Different,” Avengers, it appears that this may not be the Avengers we left off with in many ways.

Today, Marvel revealed two members of the new Avengers team. First up is Thor, and by that I mean the female version of Thor. Who’s identity is still a mystery…for now. She’s set to be revealed before Secret Wars ends, so this could help lead to her being on the Avengers.

As for the other addition, Ms. Marvel, Khamala Khan, makes her Avengers debut on the team. Ms. Marvel has quickly become a fan-favorite character, so it’s good to see her getting Avengers status.

As you can see on the picture above, there are more characters to be revealed, some of which you may be able to discern one way or the other. But given Marvel’s desire to make this an “All-New, All-Different” team, not everything may be as it appears.

Marvel will be releasing a Free Comic Book Day issue showcasing the new Avengers team on May 2nd. So be sure to get your copy!

UPDATE!!!!: And now…we have two more members added to the team. Vision, who has been regarded as the greatest Avenger ever, and Nova (Sam Alexander) have been officially revealed via the pic below. Who’s next? We’ll find out soon!


UPDATE 2!!!: The final image of the roster of the “All-New, All-Different” Avengers has arrived! And there is a fan-favorite in the mix! Miles Morales, aka Ultimate Spider-Man is indeed in the roster, along with Captain (Falcon) America and Iron Man…though who is in the suit is up for debate at the moment.

This will no doubt bring joy to many a Marvel fan, as the fate of Miles was up in the air due to Secret Wars. Though one must ask…where is Peter Parker?


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