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Worlds collide as DC sets to team up He-Man and Thundercats

July 9th, 2016 by Phil Robinson Comments


Were you a kid in the 80s? If you’re reading this website, I’d like to think that there’s somewhat of a good chance of that. Well, prepare to polish off the old toy box, because DC are preparing to give all us nostalgia maniacs the crossover we never thought we’d see: He-Man and Thundercats!

Comic Book Resources broke the news, we’ll be getting the fan friendly mashup in October, as a six-issue limited series.

It will be written by Rob David and Lloyd Goldfine, with artwork by Freddie E Williams II, who was behind the surprisingly great Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles crossover. It’s in safe hands, then.

What we know of the plot, it looks like Mumm-Ra is up to no good as usual, as he seeks a weapon that will defeat the Thundercats’ Sword of Omens. Yep, you’ve probably guessed it, he has his eyes set on He-Man’s fabled blade, and will travel across time and space and dimensions to get it.

As you do.

Here’s a preview of the solicitation for He-Man/Thundercats #1, courtesy of DC:


“The Power of Grayskull and the Great Eye of Thundera have aligned to make me the luckiest guy on all the earths!” said Williams. “He-Man and ThunderCats were my life when I was in grade school—family and friends knew I loved both cartoons so much. I used to pause episodes and draw from them, since they were so awesome. The He-Man/ThunderCats crossover is the fulfillment of a lifelong goal and my fanboy dream come true! I’m having a blast!”

Fun piece of trivia: David and Goldfine love a good mash-up, as they wrote the nostalgia-worshipping Turtles Forever movie back in 2009, which if you have any love for the TMNT, you need to watch.

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