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Zombies High issue 7

January 14th, 2013 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

This is the much anticipated Issue 7 of the “Zombies Hi” series. In “Zombies Hi”, the main continuing story is set in Derry, Northern Ireland during the onset of a Zombie Apocalypse following the survivors as they use its ancient stone walls as a barricade between them and the Undead. The book is a collection of stories in different formats ranging from prose to graphics orientated storytelling, all with an undead theme. The book is part of an on-going series which follows the main story but also includes others from the up and coming talent in the worlds of writing and art.

In the main “Zombies Hi” story arc, where the remaining survivors are beginning to take action with the aim of reclaiming their city after a mysterious figure plans anarchy from the shadows and sends his ‘soldier’ who has been dealing with the terror he has already brought to do more harm before he can be set free from this horrible burden. We see that old horrors and political inclinations lead men down a path that could lead to their spiritual demise let alone their physical demise at the hands of zombies and terrorists.

This issue also features a Zombies Hi “Extra” called “What’s that Noise?”, a prose piece from the Zombies Hi world itself, that has been described as sickly genius. Then following that is a short comic strip called “Foundations” from Michael Deery and, father and son combo on the art, John and Joe Campbell. Next is the action packed prose piece from mainstays Alan Healy (Editor at the local Derry News Newspaper) with beautiful Illustrations from Dave Campbell (Head Honcho at 2Dfest fame, biggest comicbook festival in Ireland). And to round it off a beautifully sad comic script from the imagination of Rowan Davidson and the beautiful watercolours of Brian ‘Burky’ Burke.

You can pick one up, either hard copy or digital, from our online Uproar Store, or from one of our stockists across the UK and Ireland.

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UPROAR COMICS- We are a Comics and Graphic Design Publishers specialising in sequential storytelling based in Derry/Londonderry, Northern Ireland. Uproar Comics self-publishes their own work under the Uproar name. We have combined our efforts into producing a bi-monthly comic titled “Zombies Hi”. Based within the local area, the collection of stories reflects on a lot of current issues including identity, cultural heritage and the occasional zombie decapitation. We also provide companies with marketing campaigns and find new talent who will take the medium and the future incarnations by no less than a storm. As of January 2013, we plan to release a new innovative reading platform for Ipad. It will change the comic book medium forever.

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