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Alec Baldwin turned down GTA role

October 30th, 2013 by bash Comments


30 Rock actor Alec Baldwin has revealed that he turned down a role in a Grand Theft Auto game.

Speaking to IndieWire, the star said that despite being offered an “incomprehensible amount of money” he did not take part in GTA 2 as he didn’t want to damage his reputation.

“[The makers of] Grand Theft Auto came to me to do a voice of some mobster, many years ago, for Grand Theft Auto 2,” Baldwin said. “And they offered this incomprehensible amount of money for one day’s work. And they offered me a pile of money, this ridiculous amount of money to just come in a record this voice for one or two days.”

“And I turned them down because [the character] was a cop killer, he added. “And I didn’t want to get near that [because] of my reputation; I have enough problems with the press as it is. I said no.”

The actor did not divulge which specific GTA2 character he turned down.

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