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Best Online Casino ‘Games’ Loved and Played by Comic Book Villains

February 6th, 2019 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

Best Online Casino ‘Villains’: Raising the Stakes in Comic Books

We all have a favorite villain from the comic book world, be it The Penguin, Two-Face, The Joker, Gambler or 8-Ball. The list of DC and Marvel anti-heroes goes on and on.

The love of these regularly unsuccessful characters is there take on chance, the willingness to risk it all and their lives for the downfall of their arch-nemesis, the superhero.

Here we look at how these villains play fair or unfairly with their love of gambling.

Will their belief that doom and chaos will reign supreme should fate or chance land in their favor? Or will they forever lose when the stakes get too high? Let’s take a look and see how the games have shaped the characters.

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If you want to go all out like the penguin and build your own floating casino or just settle for a regular online casino, then that choice is yours when it comes to experiencing these games of the wicked. There is  a huge realm of comic book movie slots out there which further push the marriage of gambling and comics. Sites like many free games that you can play such as Iron Man™ Dawn of Justice™ and Superman™ amongst the comprehensive list.

Withcasino online real money readily available would any site be safe from these master-crooks

The Joker is perhaps the most famous of all villains given the constant competition over the years with Batman.

Aside for the obvious connection to the playing card and the name, the Joker has in the past use the deck of cards and turned them into weaponry. With razor-tipped cards and exploding decks featuring in many of the early comic books. The joker is too clever to be one to show his full hand and is more of a betting character and has in many occasions given Batman a choice when killing him would have been the easier of choices.

Two-Face, otherwise known as Harvey Dent, loves the gamble of fate. The 50/50 chance comes in a number of casino games, Roulette (the name of another villain also), Casino War, and within ‘gamble’ features of some online slots. The character finds fortune based on the flip of his coin. But this is all too risky for the villain at times as we have often seen a trick coin being used should the stakes be too high for his own safety.

Roulette is a villainess, with the alter ego of Veronica Sinclair. She owns a casino and is herself a professional gambler. She takes the name roulette seriously, any captured heroes will face the spin of the wheel to see what torture brings about their death. Just see the damage she caused to the Justice Society of America.

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As the villains will no doubt confess, you don’t have to play fair all the time, even those bending the rules prosper. From card game to table games, it’s all chance with big rewards that follow. Many of the online casinos now remove the gamble from their games with free bonuses, so there are no stakes to lose when playing. So you can become a casino hero fairly easy nowadays.

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