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EVENT: Heroes & Legends returns to W5, Belfast on February 16th & 17th

February 8th, 2013 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

Last year saw the first Heroes and Legends event held in Belfast’s very own W5. With a range of impressive guests, it was organized by the Emerald Garrison members,the guys that bring you the world of Star Wars to our streets for charity.

Last year saw the sixth Doctor Colin Baker, Terminator and Aliens star Michael Biehn and his wife Jennifer whose movie the Victim was shown here in Moviehouse, Dublin Road at which they gave a Q&A (see our interview here), designing genius Brian Muir, Babylon 5 beauties Claudia Christian and Patricia Tallman as well as comic artists PJ Holden and Nick Roche and former Bond girl and almost Doctor Who Movie companion Caroline Munro.

The usual Star Wars costumes were present but the focus shifted to other sci-fi genre shows.We had an Alien set complete with eggs, a stunning Lord of the Rings set complete with Troll Head bursting through the door, Batman, Wonder Woman, Daleks, the Tardis, a wonderfully detailed World War Two set complete with jeep and soldiers, a Star Trek and Harry potter set where you could be assigned to your class at Hogwarts thanks to the talking sorting hat. Among the new genre characters were the Tenth Doctor, Ghostbusters, Batman and his friends and enemies, original Start trek costumes and even the Transformers and Robocop. Over that weekend thousands came through the doors of W5 in the Odyssey Arena, Belfast and entered a world of pure imagination.

Well on the 16th and 17th February 2013, they are back, with all new costumes and the old classics, new guests and new sets. Guests confirmed so far are Braveheart and Nightmare Man’s Scottish actor James Cosmo, former Bond girl Martine Beswicke (From Russia with Love, Thunderball), Harry Potter stars Chris Rankin ( Percy Weasley) and Hugh Mitchell (the overzealous Colin Creevy). Along for the ride too are set designers, story board artists and comic book artists including John Paul Bove, PJ Holden and William Simpson.

Notice: Previously announced guest Torchwood actor Kai Owen has pulled out and James Cosmo will be appearing on Sunday only due to work commitments. But there are more announcements to come.

What Heroes and Legends really wants is as many visitors as possible to dress up in the costumes of their favourite characters and it all helps bring life to the atmosphere. For a truly interactive family event, come along. You never know who you might see.

And don’t forget there’ll be events, talks and Q&As over the two days hosted by your very own FTN crew… so come meet us there too!

Keep up-to-date with the full guest list and announcements at the official page here

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