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EVENT REVIEW: TitanCon 2016… onwards and upwards to bigger things?

October 5th, 2016 by Big Phil Comments

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Greetings fellow Nerds and Nerdetts; well, it has been another wonderful (but tiring day) at Belfast’s TitanCon – A science fiction and fantasy literature, media and gaming convention for Belfast focused on showcasing literary and artistic accomplishments in Northern Ireland, with the main focus on Game of Thrones.

Taking place at The Wellington Park Hotel, the registration process was swift and orderly and, as always, well sign-posted. Making my way into the main hall, I bumped into a number of excited con-ers who were looking forward to the numerous activities taking place throughout the day. The welcome of the guests started in earnest, with literature guests this year including Peter F. Hamilton, Ian McDonald, Ruth Frances Long, Pat Cadigan, Debbie (DJ) McCune , Jan Siegel and regular attendee Peadar Ó Guilín joined by a number of other guests on stage. This year TitanCon was blessed with five actors from Game of Thrones (Dominic Carter ~ Janos Slynt, Kerry Ingram ~ Shireen Baratheon, Ron Donachie ~ Rodrik Cassel, Fintan McKeown ~ Amory Lorch and Annette Hannah ~ Frances) who all received a thunderous applause. Also in attendance was our very own Will Simpson; noted Emmy Award Winning Storyboard and Concept artist and Emma Andrews from the Drapes Department.

Now that the welcomes were over, it was time for the numerous activities to take place. There was a Medieval Combat Workshop, A Clay Workshop, Chainmail Workshops, LeatherCraft Workshops, Samwell’s Diary Workshop and even a Build-a-Beard Workshop all taking place throughout the day.

If you weren’t the type of Con attendee to take part in the practical, there were quite a number of panel discussions and Q&As also being held throughout the day. These ranged from discussions on literature by the various authors to re-caps of the last season of Game of Thrones and what the future might hold for our heroes and villains led by the actors from Game of Thrones. There were also opportunities for photo and autograph sessions, all which were in jovial humour and great fun.

Aside from the literature and signings part of this convention there was a brilliant games presence. This year Backspindle Games were once again displaying their new games and I took part in a brilliant game of Codinca: this is a strategy game that has just been released and is a fast-paced counter game that was great fun to play.

Titan Con continues to be one of the most relaxed Conventions that I attend each year. With a wide and varied assortment of physical activities alongside more traditional Q&A panels and photo and autograph sessions, this Con has built up a steady and loyal following and the organisers clearly have outlined their vision on making this event grow in both size and stature. Unlike most conventions where Cosplay has at times taken over the event, Titan Con remains firmly in the more intellectual area and it’s brilliant to see fans of both literature and Game of Thrones come together and share their passion. This in one convention that I eagerly look forward to each year and continues to never disappoint; I’ve now attended five Titan Cons so I’m officially over half way there to “Making the Eight!”.

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