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First look at King Conan!

May 17th, 2014 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

Cannes is in full swing right now. That means projects that need a little boost getting off the ground with extra funding are there seeking investors.

One such film is King Conan, which sees Arold Schwarzenegger return to the franchise.

The Arnold Fans spotted the promotional image above, which shows a grizzled King Conan in what looks to be an homage of sorts to one of the covers of Conan The Barbarian as seen below.

According to JoBlo, Universal Pictures would love to get Conan to go full warrior king following Terminator: Genesis, in King Conan with a script by World Trade Center writer Andrea Berloff.

The 2015 release date on the poster may be a little optimistic though.

After this we need to bring Arnie back to Predator.

[Source: The Arnold Fans via JoBlo]


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