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Marvel shares some details on Infinity.

April 1st, 2013 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

Infinity is a six issue event launching in August from writer Jonathan Hickman and artists Jim Cheung, Jerome Opena and Dustin Weaver. Fans can get their first tease of what’s to come on May 4 when Marvel issues a special Infinity preview on Free Comic Book Day in comic shops. The preview will look at what plans the cosmic villain Thanos has in store for Earth, since the Avengers’ departure has left the planet  more vulnerable than ever.

According to Marvel:

“Earth has been marked as an “Avengers World”, protected by Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and more from the deadliest threats facing humanity. A powerful and destructive race is on a collision course with Earth and the only thing in their path is the Avengers! But even Earth’s Mightiest Heroes realize the one hope of defeating this dire threat is to unite every great hero across the cosmos…because only with a united Avengers Universe is there any chance of survival!

With our heroes at the other end of the universe, who is left to protect Earth? Enter Thanos, the galaxy’s most ruthless threat and an unparalleled force of brutality who brings order to the chaos of life through murder. The greatest threat to the Mad Titan’s work—and perhaps the universe’s greatest hope—is something he created leaving no world safe. Earth’s last hope may lie in the hands of a man who can level cities with a single whisper: Black Bolt, king of the Inhumans. But can the fearsome leader of a race hated and feared by his world,  lead his people against Thanos? If they fall, so does the Earth—and the entire universe with it.

The Biggest Heroes. The Biggest Threats. The Biggest Sacrifices. This is Marvel’s Infinity.”

Writer Hickman sums it up in one line:

“The universe’s greatest serial killer is cut loose to do bad things to our most precious world.”

Hickman has been using his typical long payoff style,  planting seeds for Infinity in his two series, Avengers and New Avengers, which also will serve as tie-in books to Infinity.

Avengers will see major players like Iron Man, Captain America and Thor along with Cosmic heroes Nova and the Guardians of the Galaxy, on the difficult mission of uniting intergalactic races against a common foe.  They’ll need all the help they can get. Their new enemy, the Builders, are an ancient race of universe builders targeting Earth for destruction, who Hickman says:

“Can raze worlds and have basically seeded life through the galaxy.”

New Avengers and Infinity will focus on Thanos’ secret agenda and the superheroes who are left to deal with him and his army raiding Earth. Marvel executive editor Tom Brevoort comments on the difficulties:

“Somebody like Daredevil, who’s used to dealing with more street-level problems, has to suddenly face foes and situations that are a little bit out of his ordinary weight class.”

Backup shows up in the form of the Inhumans, led by a man of few but powerful words, Black bolt. The Inhumans have always been outcasts of the MU, Brevoort says:

“They’re not like a team of superheroes. They’re a demographic — being an Inhuman is like being Cuban, like being Irish.”

Hickman also chimes in on the Inhumans:

“Infinity begins a push to make them a much more important part of the Marvel Universe than they have been recently. There are huge plans for the Inhumans. They’re such great characters, and this will be a pretty good example of why.”

Thanos has always been a favorite villain of mine, when I saw him at the end of Avengers I nearly jumped out of my seat. (And I knew he was in it) He is the perfect villain to tie together multiple books and the movies as well.

Source: USA Today


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