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Peter Parker will discover that he wasn’t the only one bit by the radioactive spider

April 28th, 2014 by Edwin Torres Jr Comments

In Marvel’s event Original Sin, Uatu the Watcher is murdered. The killer takes the Watcher’s eye, which has gazed upon the Earth for eons. The eye has seen the secrets that the Marvel Universe has tried to keep hidden, and now those secrets are coming out.

It’s up to the heroes of the Marvel Universe to answer the question, “Who killed the Watcher?”

In the event we discover that Peter Parker wasn’t the only one bite by a radioactive spider all those years ago, a woman Silk was too.


It all starts in Amazing Spider-Man #4 by Dan Slott and Humberto Ramos.

Editor Nick Lowe reveals:

“Her story is a really neat twist on what could have happened if Peter had gone a different way; if Peter had a different upbringing and family. Does Silk have her own Uncle Ben? You’re going to have to wait and see, but she is a character whose roots will go back into Spider-Man’s history obviously to the bite of the original spider. There will be little bits and pieces of Peter’s history though that are also bits and pieces of her history that will be told in interesting ways.”

On whether Amazing Spider-Man #4-5 is about Peter discovering the existence of Silk? Or will he have other matters to deal with as well? Will these issue take place primarily in the present or will there be some flashbacks:

“Absolutely. Issues #4-5 are actually going to be a big part of what’s going on in Amazing Spider-Man #1-3. So Silk is going to be a complication of the situation that Peter already has going on. He’ll already have his hands full with Electro and Black Cat at that point and Silk coming in isn’t going to make things easier for him. I’ll tell you that much.

There are some flashbacks involved in telling Silk’s story, but #4-5 for the most part are going to primarily be present day stuff. We’ll get a little taste of her story, but it will be unfolding as months go on. We’ll learn more and more about her.

Amazing Spider-Man #4-5 will not be the last time you see this character in the least. She will be a pretty major character in the Spider books going forward. The question will be what role will she play in Spider-Man’s world? Is she a foe? Is she a friend? Is she something else entirely? That will be something we’re all going to have to wait and see.”

On whether artist Humberto Ramos designed the look of Silk:

“Yes, Humberto designed Silk’s look. He took some initial notes from Dan, [former “Amazing Spider-Man” editor] Steve Wacker, and Ellie Pyle before me. They started working on her at that point and it’s such a cool look. Humberto is so incredible. One of the best things of coming into the Spidey Office is the art team on the Spidey books. Between Humberto and Giuseppe Camuncoli I’m just the luckiest editor. Because not only are they incredibly professional, but they’re so good.”

Original Sin #1 ships in May.

Amazing Spider-Man #4 swings into stores in July.

Source: CBR

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