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Photos Reveal Possible BVS Locations and Plot?

August 31st, 2014 by Todd Black Comments

Ok, we all know that Batman v Superman is going to be going from Metropolis to Gotham and vice-versa. The question though, is who establishes contact first? Does Bruce Wayne/Batman want to bring Superman to justice for some reason? Like for the battle at the end of Man of Steel? Or is Clark Kent investigating the rumors of a “Bat-man” in Gotham?

We probably won’t know for a while, but as production continues on the set of BVS, more photos are appearing and suggesting locations we’ll see in the movie.

The first pic (below) is of Clark Kent in full reporter mode apparently exiting a building that many claim is a jail in the movie. The rumor goes that this is a jail in Gotham, and that the purpose for him being there is to get info from the criminals themselves about Batman.

So is it possible Clark makes the first move to find out about his eventual partner? Time will tell.

The other interesting photo is one that’ll have significance to those who read Superman #9 in 1987, as Ralli’s Diner makes an appearance in the movie.

Now, in the comics, this was a destination that villain Lex Luthor used to show just how evil he was. But the person who took this photo noted that Bruce Wayne was in the diner. Interesting…

It’s not clear which city this diner is in, but those who recall a certain scene from Batman: Brave and the Bold might remember a certain “Trinity” of characters meeting up there to talk…

Regardless, it’s fun to speculate, and more fun to watch as more and more information comes to light. Hopefully we’ll get some good answers as the release of BVS draws closer!

Todd Black is reader of comics, a watch of TV (a LOT of TV), and a writer of many different mediums. He's written teleplays, fan-fictions, and currently writes a comic book called Guardians ( He dreams of working at Nintendo, writing a SHAZAM! TV series, and working on Guardians for a very long time!