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SDCC2014: Warcraft title teaser released! Footage description.

July 26th, 2014 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

So apparently some really cool Warcraft footage dropped at SDCC. Unfortunately all we have is a description. Well that and the title teaser they’ve released. Maybe well get more soon.

Thanks to io9 for this:

“Seriously, the character moments in this teaser were all about dads who feel guilty. There’s a human in armor, who muses in voiceover that he’s spent more time protecting the king than he has his own son. “Does that make me loyal, or a fool?” Meanwhile, an orc laments, “I’ve led thousands of warriors into battle but I fear being a father. Does that make me a leader or a coward?”

But the imagery, meanwhile, is just non-stop gorgeousness. There is an ornate chamber, full of swords and armor in neat rows everywhere. There are huge banners inside a royal chamber, with a massive throne that puts the Iron Throne to shame. There is a mountainous landscape with green clouds floating over it, with lightning shooting out of them.

“Some say death is having some greater purpose,” says a man in armor, riding a horse — and then he’s looking at a crude grave, a mound of dirt. He isn’t sure if there’s really any point to death, after all.

An Orc proclaims that their hope is destroyed, as he looks out at a ruined city. They have nothing to go back to. Is war the only answer? Somebody asks.

And then there’s sh*t-tons of action. The king has some kind of blue crystal in his hand, and then we see a woman shooting a similar blue glow into the air with her hand, and a man who has a glowy blue sigil carved on his forearm.

People are shooting lighting bolts out of their hands, and there is all-out melee between orcs and humans. At one point, a guy riding on a giant bird swoops down to attack a huge-ass orc. This film is seriously committing to the high-fantasy vibe, with people shooting light out of their hands while wearing ornate costumes, and lots of wild and crazy violence.”

Duncan Jones says it’s not a movie just for the fans:

“There’s an awful lot to draw on from Warcraft. We really want to make this an origin story. We want to show how the world of Azeroth falls into conflict between orcs and humans. We want to make this a film that’s accessible to everyone.”

Directed by Duncan Jones with a script by Charles Leavitt rewritten by Jones, the story of the film will center on Anduin Lothar versus Durotan, Human and Orc heroes from the original RTS games. The movie will also be focused largely in the Eastern Kingdoms of Azeroth.

The movie stars Dominic Cooper (Captain America: The First Avenger), Ben Foster (3:10 to Yuma), Travis Fimmel (Vikings), Paula Patton (Mission: Impossible: Ghost Protocol), Toby Kebbell (The Counselor), and Rob Kazinsky (Pacific Rim).

Warcraft will hit theaters on March 11, 2016.

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