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The Sinister Six is a story of redemption

April 12th, 2014 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

Drew Goddard, who is already writing Sinister Six, is nearing a deal to direct the Amazing Spider-Man spinoff as well we learned earlier in the week. Now IGN had a chance to sit down with producers Avi Arad and Matt Tolmach, who dropped a few more details about the supervillain team-up film.

Arad reveals that it’s a redemption story:

“Everybody’s looking for redemption. They’re unforgiven… As long as there’s that one thing in common: they’ll hate Spider-Man. They’ll hate him because he’s so different from them. But then, you know when you sit by yourself somewhere and you think about it, they all had a different life at one time and that’s what’s so beautiful about the Spider-Man universe.”

Tolmach adds about their villains:

“There’s no such thing as just a villain. There are villains by virtue of choices that people make but they always begin as humans, as characters. As flawed people; as tragic people. You know great movies have been made about a bunch of bad guys who get together to do something.”

Whether or not a certain friendly neighborhood web head will be making an appearance is unknown:

“We’re definitely not going to say what we’re doing in terms of Spider-Man there.”

Source: IGN

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