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The Top 3 trends to come for Online Gaming

December 22nd, 2016 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

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Online gaming has been a popular pastime for many people for quite a while and is only becoming more so thanks to the ability to access game on mobile phones and tablets.

This trend has benefited some areas of online gaming more than others, such as online casinos being brought into the mainstream through online gambling sites and apps. As the number of players and operators has increased, the industry has also been impacted in a huge way by advances in technology. With that in mind, see below for the top 3 trends to come for online gaming in the future:

Free to Play Games

One way the popularity of online gaming has benefitted players is in the increase of titles that are free to play. Free to play games have been a part of online entertainment for many years but the freemium model, as it is called, really took off with the advent of mobile devices and apps.

Operators and game developers use the model to entice new players in the hope that they will spend money through in-game upgrades but it is possible to completely play for free on some of the top bingo sites in the UK. Many online games are free to play including multiplayer epics such as Age of Empires and digital versions of classic favourites such as bingo and casino slots.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

Technology is the single biggest contributing factor to many of the most notable changes to online gaming as it has been for many other sectors as well. The biggest trends in technology are felt everywhere and at this point in time Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are the buzzwords. Virtual Reality makes it possible for us to be immersed in different environments to make us feel as if we are actually there. In the same way, Augmented Reality overlays the real world with images or interactive content that users can access through the use of a compatible headset.

This would make for an amazing gambling experience – fans could then enjoy a complete casino environment as if they were physically in Vegas! Many consumer VR headsets are already available and so is the content. For online gaming this means giving gamers an even better experience, thereby attracting even more users to these platforms.

Improved Security and Privacy

Recently, online gaming providers have been doubling up on building secure gaming environments as the formats’ popularity and the money that flows through these sites has risen significantly.

Online-based models can sometimes be breached but most reputable websites operate with enhanced SQL encryption and 128-bit security to protect users. This means that the integrity of sensitive data such as personal information and financial details is not compromised allowing players to gamble with genuine peace of mind.

There have been many changes that have come to the online gaming and gambling industry in recent times and as the sectors popularity continues to grow, so will the innovations by providers.

The top 3 trends to come for online gaming above are our forecasts of how the industry will develop going forward, which makes it exciting times for online casino and bingo games players.

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