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These robots from China can play football and, yes, they did beat humans too

September 19th, 2016 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

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Imagine a day when football superstars like Messi or Ronaldo Soccer would have to fight for their places in the squad with their metal counterparts. They might not have flashing appearance or celebrity status of human players but they can play and win effectively. Right now, that vision is only a possibility but it is coming closer to reality.

Recently, scientists at the Beijing University of Information Science and Technology has successfully engineered robots capable of playing competitive football. The robots were showcased in RoboCup, an international competition where robots will compete with humans in a multitude of challenges.

These made-in-China robots has demonstrated their ability of ball holding, dribbling and shooting brilliantly. They even won 3-2 in a mini football match against a mixed human team. Certainly, the skills of the human players are mediocre at best but that does not necessarily diminish the ability of the metal-clad players.

Liu Hongjie, one of the scientists in the development team sharing with Dailymail his idea: “The communication among robots is faster than among human beings, because we human beings need to communicate with our eyes, bodies apart from languages.

At gaming/bookie company), they think that there’s probably no way the robots could win a fair match against professional opponents, but the fact they can coordinate and shoot accurately is a stunning achievement.

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