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TOY REVIEW: FTN reviews LEGO sets 76036 Carnage’s SHIELD SKY ATTACK and 76037 Rhino And Sandman’s Super Villain Team-Up

October 9th, 2015 by Marc Comments

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76036 Carnage’s SHIELD SKY ATTACK

LEGO continue their Marvel Superhero line with this very cool little set that, as well as looking great and having a lot of playability, is a neat little ‘pocketmoney’ set.

The set itself is easy to assemble, with the box containing two small bags and a sheet of stickers. As always, LEGO’s instructions are easily followed and oddly delightful to look at too.

Once construction is complete, you will have a very tasty little set consisting of the SHIELD jets,SHIELD Agent/Pilot, Ultimate Spider-man and Carnage.

The set also contains a clear piece that, when you place a LEGO mini-fig on it, can be used to launch them into the air for extra play.

It’s hard not to love this set; the mini-figs are, as always, cute and yet totally true to the series/comics that inspired them.

The jet itself has infinite playability – the cockpit opens and, when the figure is removed, there’s a little hide-away compartment. The wings have a large range of elevation, at two points, allowing the jet to be posed in various states of flight.

Oh and LEGO’s new launch system works a treat with the little front-mounted missiles – but be careful, they fire out surprisingly fast.

Overall, the set is a delight. In a price bracket that won’t break the bank, it has everything: a cool vehicle, a pilot, Spidey and an awesome villain – all in a set that can easily be carried around and allows the child (or adult – we know, don’t worry) to indulge their imagination infinitely.

This is one of my favourite LEGO sets because it’s small and oh, so perfectly formed.

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76037 Rhino And Sandman’s Super Villain Team-Up

The set contains three bags and one sheet of stickers and, when complete has four minifigs – Spider-man, Sandman, Iron Spider and Aleksei Sytsevich, a Rhino Mech and a building site playset.

I’m not going to lie, aesthetically I wasn’t sold on this set.

I loved the Rhino mech-suit. I loved Sandman (and his giant hands which I’ll talk about soon) and minifig Spidey and Iron Spider are great too… but overall, the set looks rather, well, empty.

To me, it seems influenced by the finale of Spider-man 3 (also rather empty) and features Sandman and Rhino fighting Spidey. The Sandman figure is a basic mini-fig but as you start to look at the detail you start to realise just where the set truly excels… in play. And, given that it is still a kids’ toy, this is just fine. The set is covered in yellow blocks to mimic sand and Sandman’s influence goes far beyond the minifig, with two massive hands emerging from the sand in the set, perfect for grabbing Spidey as he swings past.

Team this up with a set that falls apart as it is destroyed, a giant web that can trap Rhino as he stands firing his cannons (careful again, here) at the hero and various other little fun features that are numerous and better for you to discover yourself…

As I said, at first I wasn’t impressed with how the set looks (that’s the collector in me) but once it was built and I played with it with my son, I quickly learned that Toy Story was right and toys are meant to be played with.

Well played, LEGO, you reminded me what the true meaning of a playset is.

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