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What Are The 5 Best Trading Card Games?

February 14th, 2020 by Marc Comments

Trading card games are fun to play. They could be a saving grace in those times you get bored with everything around you. Get locked in the world of collectible cards and get your blood running as you enjoy the game. 

However, most of these collectibles lose their value over time, so keeping good care for them is critical to preserve them. Most of the common measures you can take are putting them in protective casings and purchasing a smooth playmat that won’t scratch your cards. The people behind realize the need for these mats and even came up with the idea of making the game more exciting with customized mats to match the game you are playing. These playmats are not only inexpensive, but are made with materials that won’t harm any of your precious cards. 

In a quest for the best Trading Card Games, we have come up with the 5 best trading card games for you.

Magic: The Gathering

Now, without being biased in anyway, I give it to this Trading Card Game. Talk of the artistry on the cards and the core gameplay, everything here is just on point. The creativity of the developing team is commendable. The Artwork is second to none, the strategy and thinking is better and there are more formats for a variety of players. There is so much customization available for the players and this makes this game stand out in a class by itself. I actually do not see a competition for Magic: The Gathering here. The community is robust and active, so much that if you pop into the game store at any time of the day you will find people playing the MTG away.

Apart from the gameplay and the customizations available, it is perfect for all ages. So you and your whole family can get involved, no one is excluded. The story is very in-depth and engaging. If you have not tried this Trading Card Game, it is highly recommended. 


This is awesomeness packed up in a game. Hearthstone is so awesome that it earned me sleepless nights. Not a lot of games have been able to get me involved like this game. This is my personal philosophy about games: if it is not engaging, then it is not worth my time. Hearthstone is fun and it is definitely one of the top 5 Trading Card Games out there for me. If you are new to Trading Card Games, then you will find this easy and fun to try. There are about 889 cards in the game and more are getting added every day. Talking about the virtual aspect of hearthstone, there are plenty of cool animations and yeah, the sound effects too. You can slug it out on different boards and with different heroes.

Elemental Kingdoms

Elemental Kingdoms is featured on mobile platforms and can easily be downloaded from the iOS Store and the Google Play Store. It is a basic style Trading Card Game that is battle-themed. You are basically in combat against other online players. Every player can craft a deck but the gameplay is pretty straightforward and simple to understand. The cards play a role in defending the player’s health as well as attacking the opponent. There is the option of bailing out by finishing the game when the player feels he can’t win. This also allows the player to focus on personal deck builds and other upcoming battles.


Have you ever played a game that’s complex and yet so simple? That’s exactly what you get with Yu-Gi-Oh. This is probably one of the TGC with the largest variety of cards that just about anyone can relate to. Not all games have the capacity to thrill, Yu-Gi-Oh, however, will not disappoint. The gameplay doesn’t need manna or any of that stuff. The strategy is different and thrilling. You can play cards face down and have your opponent imagining what you got up your sleeves; a feature you can’t find on all TGCs. The rounds are longer and it’s not going to be boring at any point.


Have you played the SolForge video game before? The news is that this game is now available as a Trading Card Game. The gameplay is not so much different from other TCGs but it’s a little bit more tactical with cards leveling up consistently throughout the game. Players also get awarded cards just because they engaged the game battling AI opponents, joining tournaments and finishing the campaign mode. The visuals for SolForge, even though they are not as nice as what is found in the other Top Trading Card Games, is not bad at all. The game development has done a lot in such a short time and one can only expect nothing but the best from this team.

So that’s the Top 5 best trading card games for us. We know this is temporal as nicer and more engaging games are coming up every day, and who knows, we might have a different top 5 in the near future.

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