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Animated Posters Arrive For Insurgent

January 22nd, 2015 by Todd Black Comments



The hit movie Divergent is soon getting its sequel in the form of Insurgent. Alongside some new details for the movie, the film is getting some cool animated posters.  Check here for all of them.

As for the movie itself, we got some new details about what the main character, Tris, is going to be facing in the wake of what happened in Divergent.

“She’s left with a lot of confusion as far as what the future holds,” Shailene Woodley told EW. “But she’s also left with a lot of guilt from the war, from losing her parents and from Will, so [in Insurgent] you see a newfound strength in her for revenge, as well as a lot of internal battles that she’s trying to weave her way around.”

“This film definitely takes it to the next level as far as the way that they emotionally treat the characters,” Woodley said. “It’s much darker, I would say, just because you see inside of Jeanine’s world, [and] you see inside of Tris’ mind a little bit more. Tris has a lot of dream sequences that haunt her throughout the film so I think all of those combined lead to a darker tone.”

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