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Blade Runner 2 adds Robin Wright and Dave Bautista

April 4th, 2016 by Jonathan Snelling 1 Comment

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In the long list of films that don’t need a sequel I’m sure Blade Runner is somewhere on it. This is not because it was bad, the opposite in fact. The film filled in all the categories for a brilliant standalone film. Yet, naturally, the people of Hollywood decided that 34 years after the original it was time to make a new one.

However there may be some good news that has appeared from this. Robin Wright has joined the cast in an unspecified role. All we know of her character is that she ‘key’ is some way. It is therefore likely she is associated with the Tyrell Corporation or perhaps a new replicant.

As if that’s not enough, Guardians of the Galaxy and SPECTRE star Dave Bautista has joined the cast too, again, in an unknown role.

He shared this image, teasing his participation.


Not much else is known about the film. But feel free to let us low what you think this all means…

Blade Runner 2 is due in January 2018

Source: io9 and BMD


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My name is Jonathan Snelling. I’ve been a movie fan for a long time now and last year completed a degree in Film and Television Studies at Aberystwyth University. It’s hard to choose a favourite film but I’ve always been a major fan of Christopher Nolan’s Batman saga. I’m really interested to see how Ben Affleck does in Dawn of Justice as it's set to be an incredible film. I’m usually willing to see any genre but naturally some more so than others.

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  1. Films_by says:

    As a die hard fan of the original I’m not precious about denying future and present generations of a sequel of this classic, particularly if the talent involved so far indicate that they will keep up with the cult status of it. Villeneuve is a great director, with a particular sensibility and vision, and a fan himself of the original. Scott is producing and co-wrote the script, being generous and smart enough to handle the direction to a director in his prime, like Villeneuve. Scott is probably aware that is not up to him anymore to revisit this movie. The original screenwriter is on board. The amazing Roger Deakins always deliver. Gosling is not my cup of tea, but he can do well if he is directed the right way. Ford is just there to pay respects, as Scott said, the story won’t be about him and he will appear just in the third act of the movie. Which leads to Robin Wright being the one with the acting chops among the main actors, and she can do amazing things with so little, she’s the queen of subtle acting. It won’t be surprising that more than key role, she’ll actually be the lead protagonist, or at least a co-lead with Gosling. I believe this based on what’s reported by the producers themselves: they pursued Wright for weeks, and they even managed change the timing schedule to accommodate her, this makes me think that Villeneuve, for some reason would settle for another available actress. She has to be one of the leads. This is in line also with what Ridley Scott said in an interview time ago: that the sequel’s protagonist would be a female. I’m pretty confident that they will pull it off.

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