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Bruce Campbell bids farewell to his 40-year-old Evil Dead alter-ego, Ash Williams

April 25th, 2018 by Marc Comments

Well, it’s a day we’ll all remember. A day when a titan fell. The day a man who has spent 40 years fighting the forces of absolute evil steps down, hangs up his chainsaw and work vest.

Not groovy.

Yes, Bruce Campbell, Groovy Bruce, The Chin, Ash Williams, the guy who saved us from the Evil Dead in three movies (and cameoed in a fourth) and then three seasons of his own TV show, is hanging up his Boom Stick one last time.

Taking to his Facebook page on Tuesday, the actor wrote:

Good people, Evil Dead fans everywhere, I bid you a heartfelt farewell playing Ash – the character I took acting lessons with for 39 years.

I am hereby retiring from that portrayal. It’s time. I followed Ash from his formative years thru his mid-life crisis and decline. What a thrill! What a privilege!

We had a great resurgence with the help of Starz (kudos not jeers, folks). They made it possible for 15 more hours of Evil Dead-ness in your life – the equivalent of 10 more features!

Is Ash dead? Never. Ash is as much a concept as a person. Where there is evil in this world, there must be one to counter – man or woman, it matters not.

Thanks for watching.



This is so sad. Ash Williams is no more and now joins the league of characters like Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, Logan, Peter Venkman; legends who, while gone, will never be forgotten and all of whom played a pivotal role in who we grew to be as men and women.

It also means that the rumours of a new Evil Dead movie are now gone too.

We’d never get tired of watching Campbell violently dismembering Deadites, all the while wisecracking and being utterly deplorable – but always loveable.

But we wish him well and want him to know that we will always have his legacy in our collection and maybe one day he’ll appear again to save us all.

Goodbye, sir.

Source: Facebook

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