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Daniel Bruhl “elaborates” on his Marvel Role

March 19th, 2015 by Todd Black Comments


civil war

Captain America: Civil War is already shaping up to be an incredible move, full of consequences and choices that’ll no doubt affect the remaining Phase 3 movies.

Yet there is still a lot of mystery to the movie. Mainly the role of one Daniel Bruhl, who’s rumored to not just be in Captain America, but the Doctor Strange movie as well.

Bruhl did say that the role, “it’s huge for me.”

“From the world I am coming from and the movies I have done, this feels big – megalomania and huge. I think I will be walking around for the first week being amazed, like a little boy, to be in that universe.”

“It’s going to be fantastic. It is something new. That is why it is a challenge,” he added.

But…he still can’t say what role he’s in…

“I cannot even talk about the part, really, because I would be too afraid to give something away and then I’ll end up in the Marvel prison, and I do not want that.”

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