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First images may reveal details of The Dark Tower movie PLUS new cast member added

April 29th, 2016 by Marc Comments


Well, it’s definitely happening (yes, we know it’s happening but we still can’t believe it) and, just to hammer it home, we have images of the path along the beam that leads… to The Dark tower.

Images have popped up online from the crew of the now filming in south Africa adaptation of Stephen King’s magnus opus, the eight book saga, The Dark Tower.

Let’s take a quick look at the images and see what we reckon we’re looking at…

Ok, first of:

There’s a few things we could be seeing here. Our first guess is that these little girls are twins and may be the young Odetta Holmes in the story. this is very likely Odetta before Jack Mort dropped a block on her head almost killing her and creating her spiteful other,  Detta Walker.

However, it may be be some of the children from the farming village of Calla Bryn Sturgis, as seen in book five, The Wolves of the Calla. We’re starting to think this is what we’re seeing, especially since we know Jackie Earle Haley is in negotiations to play Richard Sayre, a menacing humanoid who is the vampire leader from the same book. This leads us to believe that Katheryn Winnick may be playing one of the women folk from the Calla too.

Also, the cave in the second picture may well be The Doorway Cave from the same book. My initial thought was that it may well be a doorway in the city of Ludd or even the entrance to Blaine’s cradle (if you read the books you’ll know) but now, given the two pictures, we’re confident this is from book five.


The next image, below, looks to us like a giant speaker cone and immediately has us thinking this could be one of the God Drums speakers from book three, The Wastelands. The speakers are throughout the city of Ludd and play music at random times and when the music plays, dire things occur in the city. although, it could also be part of the home of the Wolves… We could be wrong, please let us know what you think we’re seeing.


The final two images speak for themselves. One is a dusty road that we really are now convinced leads to Calla Bryn Sturgis (see above) and the second is a crew member’s ID.

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We like what we’re seeing here, but are still concerned about why the story would focus so much on the fifth book in the series. Wolves of the Calla is my favourite chapter in the journey but it seems a random place to begin the story to the Tower as it happens nearer the end than the beginning.

We have heard that the story may well focus on Jake Chambers’ second journey to the world of the Gunslinger (which happened in the third book) – you need to read the series because it’s far too complicated to summarise here plus spoilers.

We can see Book Three being a good jumping on place for the story to begin as it starts in New York in a relatively recent time period before going crazy and, given that the fourth book is mostly flashback, we can see it leading to the Calla easily enough, but it seems like a lot of story for one movie, which concerns us greatly.

Since we know that young Tom Taylor will play Jake (here), we’re now hearing that Little Men star Michael Barbieri has been cast as a character called Timmy who doesn’t appear in the books but is a friend of Jake’s in New York before he leaves for Roland’s world.

We at first thought he might be Benny Slightman, a character Jake befriends in the Calla, but it seems not. This all implies that they are planning on expanding Jake’s life in New York before he crosses over worlds, to give the audience something to cling on to before things go a little ka-ka (fans will understand).

Ok, it’s all very confusing and we’re hoping it’ll make sense to the fans – if you’re not fans yet, then just know the sets look pretty cool and it’s shaping up well. If a little hap-hazardly.

Long days and pleasant nights? We’ll see…

The Dark Tower is set to be directed by Nikolaj Arcel with a February 17th, 2017 release 

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