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Fox fails as Disney not happy with New Mutants and others

September 1st, 2019 by Geralt of Australia Comments

Disney’s acquisition of Fox isn’t going so well right now with quarterly reports showing a big drop in profits this year with a particular focus on the Marvel tie-ins fox has been producing.

So far this year Fox has only had one their movies be successful and that unfortunately was the faith-based movie Breakthrough with a $36 million profit from a $14 million budget.

Fox had three movies out this year that on paper should have all done well, Stubber, The Art of Racing in the Rain and Dark Phoenix were all absolute flops with Phoenix in particular taking a whopping $170 million write off, and unfortunately that’s not the only issue that fox are facing with their Disney products.

With a lot of projects either cancelled or in doubt, one of the last Marvel movies Fox currently has to do is the horror X-Men spinoff New Mutants and apparently Disney aren’t looking too favorably on that right now either believing that it has limited box office potential (which is absolute garbage, just look at all the horror movies released lately).

That said, another rumour suggests Disney are currently re-editing the movie to remove all references to the X-Men movies, meaning it will stand alone completely but also that, should Kevin Feige decide to do so, he can bring these characters into the MCU down the line. So in effect, making The New Mutants the first MCU X-Men movie.

Not only that but Thor Ragnarok director Taika Waititi’s Nazi takedown comedy Jojo Rabbit has also been canned with Disney believing it’s just a bit too edgy for the Disney fans, but wasn’t the whole point of Fox for them to be able to do this kind of stuff that Disney just doesn’t want to do?

Then we’re left with the Deadpool issue, arguably one of Fox’s finest features, and Disney want to get their fingers in that and pretty much take away the R-rating and drop it down to a PG-13 so it’s compatible with the rest of the MCU.

Honestly I’ve been a huge fan or Marvel since I was a kid, but if they want to cut out the horror movies and drop Deadpool to anything less than an MA rating then I’m sorry but I’m gonna start backing the DCEU.

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