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Hugh Jackman To End Run As Wolverine?

March 28th, 2015 by Neil Cochrane Comments



Hugh Jackman is in the process of breaking the internet with his latest social media posts seemingly indicating that he will play the iconic Wolverine just one more time.
It is unclear if this refers to his role in the upcoming ‘Xmen Apocalypse’ or if he plans to make one more standalone Wolverine film.
Jackman has appeared in no less than 7 movies thusfar as the unstable hero and the thought of losing the Wolverine will come as a devastating blow to fans who expected Jackman to continue to play Logan for years to come. Indeed Hugh was quoted at one point of saying he would play Wolverine until he dies. It kind of feels like he’s died. Certainly a part of me has died today too. You shall be missed Logan!


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