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“I would do Freddie Vs Michael Myers!” Robert Englund talks A Nightmare on Elm Street

September 29th, 2015 by Jonathan Snelling Comments


Recently Robert Englund, famous for playing the infamous Freddy Krueger, was asked questions about the upcoming remake of Nightmare on Elm Street. 

He said: “My theory is the word “child killer”, there’s something darkly…darkly poetic about that. It’s a very frightening phrase. Child killer! That should be enough. And I think there’s something symbolic about being a child killer. He kills children because children are the future and there’s no place for Freddy in the future. And it’s revenge on the parents! It’s the most painful thing a parent can do is to lose a child before they die. I mean, I can’t imagine how anybody…how any adults or parents survive that, the death of a child. So that’s nasty enough!”

The original idea was even worse as Englund went on to explain that the original idea was to have Freddy as a molester: “For a while that was sort of the idea. In Los Angeles there was this terrible child molestation case going on in the news and we wanted to avoid that, so we just changed that.”

Films have been adapting for years to be sympathetic or fit into what is happening in the world. When ‘The Watch’ was released it was meant to be called The Neighbourhood Watch, however this had links with a horrific event that had happened involving a neighbourhood watch that very same year so they changed the name.

Englund also expressed an interesting proposal to what film makers should have done instead of a remake: “I would do ‘Freddy 9’, you know? Or I would do ‘Freddy vs Michael Myers’. Or I would do a prequel.”

All three ideas would make for interesting viewing. But we doubt at this stage they would return to the original story but it could certainly be fun.

What do you think?

Source: Bloodydisgusting

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