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Jason Momoa gushes about his love of robert Downey Jnr’s Iron Man and why he’s not bothered about the Batman V Superman hate

April 9th, 2016 by Matt Gault Comments


Despite the mixed reviews about Zack Synder’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, there is still a buzz of excitement about DC’s next move on the big screen as the countdown to Justice League Part One begins.

We can’t deny that it was a pretty exciting prospect to have Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman together for Batman V Superman, but if that’s anything to go by then Justice League will be even better with seven superheroes coming together for the film.

One of those said superheroes has been speaking to ET Online (via Squareeyed) about his excitement for the film. Jason Momoa, who is set to star as Aquaman compared his role to Robert Downey Jr.’s take on Iron Man: “It’s just something that hasn’t been explored before. For me, it’s like Iron Man. When Iron Man came out, it was like, ‘Wow!’ We haven’t explored that character before and Robert Downey took it to a whole ‘nother level. He’s genius and it was amazing. I loved it.”

Fans got very excited when he appeared in a video teaser during Batman V Superman and when asked about the recent backlash about the film, Momoa said that “some people liked it, some people didn’t, it is what it is. I don’t get it, but I don’t really listen to what anyone says… You can’t win ’em all. And I had a ball. I loved it.”

We’ve said it once, and we’ll say it again – you can’t please everybody!

“There’s been some things here and there, but I’m stoked. There’s a lot of support from fans. There’s a big beautiful world. There’s a lot — a lot — of stuff. I feel really privileged to know that there’s a lot of big, beautiful stuff that’s going to happen. I’m excited too, for people to see the final product. And now it’s our turn — it’s Justice League time! I’ve been waiting for four years that I’ve known about it that I’ve had to keep my mouth shut. I’m super pumped to shoot it!”

It’s a great sign that even in spite of all of the negative press that Batman V Superman has received as of late, Momoa refuses to let it dampen his spirits over the Justice League film.

Justice League Part One will be released on 17 November 2017 meanwhile, Aquaman will hit cinemas eight months later on 27 July 2018.

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