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Jurassic World fan theory means Chris Pratt’s character is someone we’ve met before…

June 14th, 2015 by James Campbell Comments


Jurassic World is only a day old and already fan theories are beginning to form around it. That’s got to be some kind of record, hasn’t it?

Anyway, this new fan theory is actually quite interesting and, if it were true, it would put Chris Pratt’s character in a brand new light. The theory posits that Chris Pratt’s character, Owen, is the child that makes fun of the raptor bones at the start of Jurassic Park.

Remember the scene (continues):

This theory revolves around two lines, the first from Jurassic Park and the second from Jurassic World. In Jurassic Park, Dr Grant (Sam Neill) tells the child that he should show “a little bit of respect”. In Jurassic World, Pratt’s character describes his relationship with the raptors as “a relationship built on respect”.

The theory entails that after the kid got a stern talking to from Dr Grant, he matured and learned to respect the raptors. When the job at Jurassic World opened, he applied for the position…

Ultimately this theory is very hard to prove, especially given that in the credits of Jurassic Park, the kid is referred to as “Volunteer Boy”. Still though, it is fun to think. I’ll definitely keep this theory in mind, when I sit down to watch Jurassic World. Oh and the boy is now only a year older than Chris Pratt, so chronologically it works too.

Slashfilm asked director Colin Trevorrow about the theory and e replied: “I’m not sure I want to answer because the speculation is so much fun. Let’s not kill the fun.” That is not a denial…

For the record, actor Whit Hertford who played the kid in the original movie is not impressed…

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