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Kevin Maguire Wants Rogen and Franco to be Booster Gold and Blue Beetle?

January 1st, 2015 by Todd Black Comments


Ok, this is interesting…if you think that’s the right word for it.

Artist Kevin Maguire, known for his work at both DC and Marvel, has let loose on his Twitter account and revealed who he thinks James Franco and Seth Rogen should be in the DC universe. Blue Beetle and Booster Gold.

The reasoning is actually rather logical, the two characters have long had a “best buds” or a “bromance” dynamic if you well. Past movies have shown that Rogen and Franco can pull that off quite well.

Oh, but that’s not all though. Maguire then opened Pandora’s box and revealed who he thinks should be numerous other DC characters. Check it out, and see whether you agree with any of them. I’ll have to admit, some of these are clever.

Jon Hamm as Maxwell Lord
Tom Hardy as Guy Gardner
Joe Manganiello as Batman
Jim Carrey as the Elongated Man
Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Sue Dibney
Alice Eve as Power Girl
Milana Vayntrub as Mary Marvel
Patrick Warburton as Captain Marvel
Beyonce as Fire
Elizabeth Olsen as Ice
Dwayne Johnson as Martian Manhunter
Johnny Depp as Mister Miracle
Gwendoline Christie as Big Barda
Viggo Mortensen as Captain Atom
Danny De Vito as Oberon
Yvonne Strahovski as Black Canary
Andy Serkis as G’Nort
Trace Beaulieu as L-Ron

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