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Lea Thompson Could Direct Howard The Duck Reboot

July 15th, 2018 by Todd Black Comments

You may not remember it, or might be trying to forget it, but Marvel once made a movie about their beloved character Howard the Duck, and in fact, it was directed by George Lucas himself. It was…ambitious to say the least, and as such, it wasn’t the best-received film. That being said, one of the stars of that film, Lea Thompson, actually wants to bring it back in a reboot.

She even told Syfy Wire that she wasn’t just going to pitch it to Marvel, so was going to ask to direct it.

“When we made Howard the Duck there wasn’t the CGI, there wasn’t the script, there wasn’t the Marvel machine behind it,” Thompson continued. “And I think they have a slight appetite for it, since they’re drawing him for Guardians of the Galaxy.”

It is true that his cameos in the two GOTG movies were cool. But will Marvel commit to this? Well, they’ve done weirder things, and they’ve done worse things, so yeah, it’s definitely possible.

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