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Fantastic Voyage remake to start shooting in 2018

August 30th, 2017 by Dave Bowling Comments

It’s been confirmed that Guillermo del Toro’s remake of 1966 pulp classic Fantastic Voyage will begin shooting next year.

The James Cameron-produced movie has been marred by several years of development hell, but principal photography was planned to begin in the spring of 2018. This might still be delayed however, as it is anticipated del Toro will be doing the awards circuit for a few months, plugging his upcoming film The Shape of Water. Reports are that 20th Century Fox have put the movie on a slight hiatus to allow del Toro to focus his energies entirely on the project after awards season. An original winter 2019 release date was forecast, but this is more than likely going to be delayed to some point in 2020.

The project has suffered a protracted development to date, with directors Shawn Levy (Real Steel), Paul Greengrass (Jason Bourne), and Roland Emmerich (Independence Day) attached to it at some point. The film will reunite del Toro and screenwriter David S. Goyer, who worked together on Blade II. Goyer wrote the treatment for the remake and is on scriptwriting duties.

Fantastic Voyage told the story of a submarine crew miniaturised and injected into the body of Dr Jan Benes, a scientist who has worked out how to make the shrinking process permanent, in order to remove a blood clot on his brain and escape within one hour before they return to normal size. The film is one of the more fondly remembered 1960s science fiction movies and would provide a major inspiration to Joe Dante’s 1987 sci-fi comedy Innerspace.

Source: Slash Film

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