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MOVIE REVIEW: FTN reviews Comedown

March 5th, 2013 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

Comedown (15)
Directed by: Menhaj Huda
Starring: Jessica Barden, Geoff Bell and Adam Deacon
Running time: 90mins
Released: March 11, 2013

Six friends, who’ve known each other from childhood, break into the tower block they lived in as kids, now deserted and condemned, to rig-up a pirate radio station, get high and party. When one of the group goes missing, her friends begin to search the dark interior of the tower and soon realize that they are not alone: a resident psychopath lurks in the shadows and is hunting them down, taking them out, one-by-one.

Lloyd (Anderson) has just been released from prison and returns to his pregnant girlfriend and his friends. When an opportunity to help a friend set up a radio antenna for a pirate radio station in their old abandoned tower block is offered to him, he and his five friends take it with open hands.

Spending an evening in their old flat in the tower block, the six teens get drunk, take drugs and have a good time. That is until they hear noises and see shadows in the dark. Over the course of the night, the noises turn into screams and the shadows start to drip with blood as each one of them faces a terrifying menace. Will any of them escape with live?

Comedown is a low budget horror film from Director Menhaj Huda (Director of Kidulthood) that, whilst having a good premise, sadly fails on so many levels. The actors, who do a fairly good job with the physical demands, are let down by an extremely poor script. The dialogue is bland and the story-line is so mind-numbing that at times you are actually wanting the group killed quicker just for it to end.

The props are literally laughable (an old outdoor tv aerial is meant to be the pirate radio station’s main signal, what happened to the digital age!?), whilst the photography is at times equally poor, with dodgy backdrops and even ropier effects.

The Director has tried to install some intelligence into the main villain, but he just comes across as crazy and stupid. There are a few chills with gore thrown in, but without decent believable scenarios, there is little for the audience to relate to.

A film that is sadly best avoided.

1 out of 5 Nerds

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