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June 4th, 2015 by Irwin Fletcher Comments


Spy (15)
Running time: 120 mins
Directed by: Paul Feig
Starring: Melissa McCarthy, Rose Byrne & Jude Law

When CIA secret agent Bradley Fine (Law) fails to recover a nuclear bomb, it’s up to his helper of sorts, Susan Cooper (McCarthy), to assume the role of under cover operative. But in a world full of spies, lies and danger at every turn, does Susan have the ability to leave the comfort of her desk top computer and venture into the “real” world?

Spy, right from the beginning, makes it clear that it’s a comedy to the James Bond genre, with tuxedo-clad Jude Law spouting off culture points and popping bad guys whilst all the while guided by his friend and technical assistant Susan Cooper. The comedy really starts though when Susan enters the field and begins locking horns with fellow Spy Rick Ford (Jason Statham) as they both try to save the world.

The script is full of highly colourful expletives that at times try to make Melissa appear edgy and tough but it just comes across as cringe-worthy in parts. In contrast, we have the rick Ford character, a seasoned professional spy who has literally done it all, been killed, brought back to life, lost limbs, found limbs and is still considered “one of the best.”

The physical aspect of the comedy falls mostly on Melissa McCarthy’s shoulders as she prat falls, looks awkward or performs some OTT stunt that was clearly done by stunt men on wires while there is also a lot of the usual bond-esque stunts and car chases, topped off with an explosion that will make your teeth chatter from the vibrations.

The above said, this is a comedy that is tailor made (and I don’t mean by Saville Row) for a female audience with many of the laughs geared either at the character of Susan Cooper’s expense or from the language she expletively uses at various points throughout the movie.

The plot and dialogue at times are cringe worthy, indeed it’s something that we have seen many, many times over, but the idea of av’larger’ lady playing a spy gives it a new twist and it certainly struck a chord with the female members of the audience. It certainly seems that Director Paul Feig has found a formula and is sticking with it.

Fans of Bridesmaids and The Heat will lap this up, though if you are thinking this is something more akin to a female version of Austin Powers, best you give it a miss.

3 out of 5 Nerds


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