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Official looks at three new Spider-man suits from Spider-man: No Way Home

July 5th, 2021 by Marc Comments

While we’re all still hoping and praying for a Spider-man: No Way Home trailer to see just how crazy it is, we got our first taste of what to expect and, while it’s not exactly a Hot Toys Andrew Garfield or Toby Maguire Spider-man, it’s certainly a lot of fun.

So, as is often the case, the new reveals are actually toys from the upcoming movie – there’s loads of images online, but we picked the best three – only this time, they’re officially released by Marvel, Funko etc.

First up, we get a cool look at what Tom Holland’s Peter Parker/Spider-man

In the montage above, I have put, from left, one of Spider-man’s main suits, which seems to be almost identical to the Iron-Spider suit, left, we saw him wear in Avengers: Endgame and Infinity War –  this could make sense as we learned in Spider-man: Far From Home that Peter had inherited Tony Stark’s (Robert Downey Jnr) tech for any future Spidey suits… perhaps he doesn’t have time to design a new suit, but simply recreates an old faithful.

Next up, middle, is a Funko Pop figure which normally wouldn’t be that exciting except, if you look closely, you’ll notice that this Spidey seems to be enhanced with Doctor Strange’s magic… could this be part of the Multi-verse story we’re all expecting? It certainly looks like Spider-man is opening portals… but to where?

Last up, is the black Spider-man suit. Now, Spider-man fans will know that Spidey in a black suit isn’t always good news *cough* Venom! *cough* but we don’t think this is than. Although, with all the talk of Spider-man meeting Tom Hardy’s Venom soon, it’s not totally out of the question. Whatever it is, it looks like it’s more Stark tech and could be a nice throwback to Night Monkey – if you know, you know. Seriously, if anyone had forseen a black suit, they should be spending their time at the best casino sites.

Anyways, that’s Spider-man’s three new outfits from No Way Home and we’re sure there’s going to be more exciting reveals coming very soon – although we’re hearing not until Loki ends as it has a big reveal that may tie into No Way Home. I’ll say no more.

As for the trailer? Well, I have no longer any idea when we might see that and as for guessing when, I think I’d be better off at real money casino.

What say you all about the new suits and reveals? Let me know what you think, folks…

Spider-man: No Way Home is set for release on 17th December

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