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Ron Howard gives hope for a Willow sequel…

December 15th, 2015 by Jonathan Snelling Comments


Long before the legendary Star Wars first came to be there was another, destined to succeed. This may sound like the start of a great epic but it is true. In 1972 George Lucas had an idea for a fantasy epic known as Willow. He even pitched the idea to director Ron Howard and had high hopes for its success.

However it was not to be, and the opening weekend was very difficult for the film. It was just fortunate for Lucas that Star Wars had already been a big hit when Willow was finally released in 1988. Otherwise he may have stopped there – and imagine how terrible that would have been.

Interestingly the film still has a strong audience. So much so that Ron Howard has even acknowledged that there could be a possible sequel to the film. He teased to fans and reminded them they should “never say never” to Willow 2.

His speech went as follows: “Right now, the Lucasfilm team led by Kathleen Kennedy, who is an old dear friend, is entirely myopically focused on the Star Wars universe as you can imagine. So I think the immediate possibility of another Willow movie is probably not on the front burner. But Warwick Davis is such a cool guy, and he’s continued to evolve as a talent … man, he’s Willow! And a grown-up Willow could be kind of cool, so, I’d say never say never.”

He went on to talk about his working relationship with George Lucas and the idea of willow in general: “George Lucas was so trusting; I was still fairly green, I always say it was a little like me doing my doctoral thesis working with George Lucas on that movie Willow. And I think today I could make it even more dynamic, I could make it cooler, I could make the funny stuff funnier, but all that said, you know Willow was a great experience and I’m really glad it sort of lives in peoples memory.”

Fantasies are always a hit and miss. Some, such as the middle earth saga, are fantastic, others however, such as Dungeons and Dragons, not so much. I think that it could be more beneficial to remake the film, even with the large fanbase. Then it can be introduced to an all new audience.

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