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Rumors of Harry Osborn becoming Venom?

March 11th, 2013 by Edwin Torres Jr Comments


Ever since Spider-Man 3 rumors have been going around that Sony wanted to make a Venom movie. The poor reception of the movie perhaps put a halt to those plans. But now the rumors are back.

“An anonymous source has told website ComicBookMovie that earlier rumblings concerning Dane DeHaan are true, the actor does indeed factor into Sony’s plans for Venom. DeHaan getting the role of Harry Osborn in Marc Webb’s Spider-Man was actually Sony’s decision. (Remember those additional actors testing for the role after Dane DeHaan?) The studio wants DeHaan and director Josh Trank to recapture some of their Chronicle magic in a Venom spinoff. To pave the way for that to happen and avoid confusion among comic book fans, Chris Zylka, Flash Thompson in the first Amazing Spider-Man will not be returning in the sequel. The seeds for Venom will be first planted in the sequel as Peter Parker will find the experimental serum that his father and Eddie Brock Sr. developed which is exactly how it plays out in the pages of Ultimate Spider-Man. However, unlike that story, it will be Harry Osborn who eventually becomes Venom and will eventually get a solo spinoff. DeHaan’s not working out so fanatically and increasing his bulk for nothing! Look for Eddie Brock Jr. to show up in THAT film, not The Amazing Spider-Man sequel. Also, Venom is not the only character currently being looked at for a solo spinoff as Sony is looking to build their own cinematic universe around Spider-Man. Keep all this in the rumor bin for now but it all sounds plausible as a potential secondary plot to the main conflict between Peter, Electro, Rhino and whoever else has grievances with Spidey.”

Again this is all rumor, but how do you feel if it turns out true? Is it too soon to see Venom again? Or is Venom too popular a villain to keep off the big screen? Will you watch a Venom solo movie?

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