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Russo brothers in the moooorning! Is a Community movie still possible?

August 17th, 2019 by Geralt of Australia Comments

Now even though Abed wanted six seasons and a movie for Cougar Town, it’s starting to look like we may be getting that for Community with the legendary Russo brothers keen on the idea.

With all the members of Community up for the idea of a movie, the Russos used the audio from an episode of the show (below) to introduce their panel at this year’s Comic Con so I would think the odds on this happening are even better than odds you’d get on online casino keno.

Allison Brie who plays Annie in the hit series has this to say on the matter: “I feel like if the Community movie ever gets made, it should just be made for Netflix, and it would be fun to do, but, I think it would be best if we could get everyone to do it, so I feel like that may be difficult.”

Now that makes sense with a lot of them being on other projects, but what doesn’t make sense to me is why it would go straight to Netflix as the show isn’t even on there, it’s on Stan.

Now in saying this it could still all be hearsay with Joe Mchale taking to the world wide web to voice his opinion on the matter.

Either way I for one am looking forward to seeing what can be done as long as they can get the entire cast together.


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