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SDCC: UPDATED WITH FOOTAGE: The Family Guy producers talk The Simpsons cross-over and movie plans!

July 28th, 2014 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

The Family Guy panel at SDCC started off with with a preview of the highly anticipated cross-over in which Peter and the gang visit Springfield and America’s longest running television family.

The episode premieres on September 28th and the preview was reportedly chalked full of goodies. Among them we see Peter and Homer eating doughnuts and realizing that they have a lot in common with their counterpart. Bart and Stewie prank call Moe a la classic Bart. Peter tries to get Homer to pull a classic “Family Guy” by setting up a cutaway scene and many examples of each character doing shtick from the flagship sitcoms.

Legend Matt Groening showed up to ask for advice on how a young animator can break into the business and told them to kiss his ass a little more.

On the panel, producers Steve Callaghan and Rich Appel teased the upcoming thirteenth season of Family Guy. In the show’s “very special Christmas episode,” Jesus returns to Quahog and the guys discover he’s a virgin, so they go about trying to get him laid. “We’re going to hell,” Mike Henry said in the infamous voice of Cleveland.

Liam Neeson is slated to make a guest appearance in an episode in which Peter drunkenly claims he can kick the Taken star’s ass. “He was very willing to poke fun at himself and all the internet rumors about him,” Appel said of Neeson. Other guest stars this season include Jeff Garlin, Allison Janney, Joe Buck and Julie Bowen.

Also included in the upcoming season, Meg will become a foot fetish model; Stewie will become pregnant with Brian’s baby; and Chris will fail his history test and only to go on a “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure”-esque trip through time with Stewie and Brian, “where we get to punch out Napoleon,” according to the voice of Chris, Seth Green.

When The Simpsons made their big screen debut it was hugely successful and when asked about it the producers admitted that they started working on a Family Guy movie adaptation a couple of years ago, but due to series creator and the voice of multiple characters on the show Seth MacFarlane’s chaotic schedule, it’s been put on hold. “Someday, we will make it happen,” Callaghan promised.

We were also promised that many of the popular characters from the cancelled spin-off The Cleveland Show will eventually make their way to Quahog. “That’s the best part about animation — even though that show went away, we can bring all those characters back to our show,” Callaghan said.

One lingering mystery from last season was “who hit Brian with the car?” and a fan demanded to know the answer.

“It was Justin Bieber!” Green declared.

“We’ll go with that,” Callaghan agreed.

“Family Guy” returns with the one-hour crossover special, “The Simpsons Guy,” on Sept. 28 at 9 p.m. on Fox.


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