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Simon Pegg tells Star Trek fans not to worry about Star Trek Beyond…

April 28th, 2016 by Marc Comments

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For a film that’s meant to be the jewel in the crown of the franchise’s 50th anniversary, alarmingly few details have been released about the upcoming Star Trek Beyond. To say the only trailer to date has received a mixed reaction is an understatement but fans are being told not to worry by Scotty himself, Simon Pegg, who also was the driving force behind the script.

In fact, he reckons it’s the fans who have driven the shape of Beyond.
“We had the entirety of ‘Star Trek’ history at our disposal and it’s always there online,” Pegg told at the recent CinemaCon in Las Vegas. “There’s an amazing Wikipedia online called Memory Alpha. It became Doug [Jung] and my resource and the place that we’d turn to whenever we wanted to know, ‘What kind of weapons does an NX vessel carry?’ Memory Alpha has it.
“We actually wrote to the Memory Alpha guys and got them to name a certain device in the movie. I sent them a letter saying, ‘Can you come up with this for me?”
“In two hours, they came back with an entire etymological history of what the thing was. It’s beautiful. It’s fantastic to have that support network.”
It’s safe to say there’s a lot riding on the third instalment of the so-called JJ-Verse after the less than stellar reaction to Into Darkness which was met with Trekkie apathy due to an over-reliance on welding material that the franchise had famously went before to with the new alternate timeline to create a sequel that failed to meet expectations.
Can we expect something similar this time?
“No,” said Pegg when asked about potential Search For Spock parallels in Beyond.
“Although we were obviously aware of the coincidence of those two films. That might be a little nod for fans perhaps, but it’s certainly not something that the film depends upon or has any relationship to the plot of the previous Star Trek III.’”
He was upbeat about the new live action TV series that Bryan Fuller and Nicholas Meyer are working on and doesn’t see it as any kind of competition, quite the opposite in fact.

“Star Trek has existed for 50 years in very different iterations. There are so many different points from the history of the Federation, from the very beginnings in ‘Enterprise’ to much later on with Voyager and Next Generation. This is a story that will go on and on. It’s a continuing mission. It must have life on television as well as film. It started out as a TV show. It’s home was television. I’m overjoyed at that news and I can’t wait to see what they do.”

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