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Superman/Batman: Who should don the cape and cowl?

July 22nd, 2013 by Irwin Fletcher 4 Comments

With news breaking from this year’s comic con that a Worlds Finest Superman/Batman film is now in the works fan boys and comic book nerds alike are clamoring for what is sure to be one of the most epic comic book films of all time.

So with the news come some questions. Who should dawn the legendary cape and cowl? Lets not forget that Zack Snyder said Man of Steel is in a different universe from Chris’s films, so if Bale wanted to return would that count him out? That being said it is highly unlikely that Bale would return anyhow after stating he was done playing the Dark Knight, so baring a miracle we need a new Batman.

So fellow nerds I lend you my opinion on who should be the next to hold the prestigious title of Batman, my pick, none other than Karl Urban. That’s right ladies and gents, Mr.Badass Judge Dredd himself. Now Karl would be perfect for the role and here is why I think so.

First off, just overall size and physique, the man stands 6’1’’, and in action movies like Dredd he packs on the muscle making him more than capable of handling such a physical role as the Batman.

Second is the badass factor, with the way Snyder is taking this world into a darker place I couldn’t imagine a more perfect fit than Urban. I mean you have seen Judge Dredd right, he has that rugged ‘I will break your face’ look, and just thinking about him standing face to face with Henry Cavil all suited up gives me chills.

Lastly, which is most important is his acting ability. The dude can act and has a diverse array of skills much like the cape crusader himself. From playing the badass Judge Dredd to the great Dr. Leonard McCoy, he has the ability to play the billionaire playboy one moment then suit up and crack some skulls as the Batman the next. I know he hasn’t had the greatest roles since hitting the States, but he does have a slew of smaller awards nominations for a lot of his work in his native New Zealand. Unfortunately, aside from Star Trek, he has had the misfortune of being type cast all too often, but I know this is a role he could pull off.

So there it is folks, my pick for who Warner Brothers and Snyder should pick to bring new life to the Batman franchise, and more importantly set it apart from the previous Nolan films


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