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Will Legend of Conan Create New Movie Universe?

May 30th, 2015 by Todd Black Comments



From Marvel, to DC, to a possible Transformers universe, and a weird crossover between Men in Black and 21 Jump Street (don’t get me started), movie universes are the newest big trend in Hollywood. The desire to make gigantic movie franchises that interconnect is truly all the rage. And now, it appears that Legend of Conan could be the start of a new one featuring the characters from the Paradox Entertainment brand.

“These days,” Malmberg tells the outlet, “it comes down to brands and characters and we are looking at long term possibilities. We look at how Marvel played out with its rich based of characters, and this too is a universe that lends itself to exploitation in TV and film. There aren’t many libraries like this.”

But of course, this all starts with Legend of Conan, and the filmmakers assure us this will be true to the mythology and the style of the previous films.

“It’s 30 years after the original film,” says Malmberg, likening the overall tone of the sequel to Clint Eastwood’s Unforgiven, “and [Conan]’s facing his mortality and how a legend deals with the fact he’s older, and how does he want to go out.”

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