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Wonder Woman Solo Film to Take Place in the 20’s?

October 30th, 2014 by Todd Black Comments

Ok, this is a twist. A while ago it was reported that Wonder Woman would be rooted in the New 52 style origin. Then with the rumors of her involvement in Batman v Superman it would be easy to surmise that he now greenlit solo film would take place in the modern day, right?

Well…if Bleeding Cool is correct that would be very wrong.

The site is reporting that the first Wonder Woman solo film (which will come before Justice League) will actually be set in the 20’s once Diana (Wonder Woman) gets off of Themyscira. The first half of the film will feature factions of Amazonians vying for control of the island, then a man (not confirmed to be Steve Trevor) will apparently come to the island ask for help. Diana will accompany him back to “our world” and we’ll see how Diana will react to America in the 1920’s. The report goes further in saying that the sequel (should there be one) will be set in WWII, and a third movie (again, if it happens) will finally catch up with Diana in the present day.

This is a very interesting approach should this be true. If this is the case, I’m very interested in seeing how Diana acts in the modern day. Cause if she came to our shores in the 20’s, that’s 90+ years of seeing our world, she clearly wouldn’t be the brash warrior princess that she usually is when she arrives. Could we see the more seasoned Wonder Woman in BVS and Justice League, and see her journey to how she became the Wonder Woman many know and love? We’ll found in 2016 when BVS arrives, and 2017 when Wonder Woman hits theaters!

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