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Zack Snyder confirms Sucker Punch director’s cut exists as actors show support for its release UPDATE: Could Netflix release a new cut?

May 27th, 2021 by Marc Comments

So, let me tell you a story… when Sucker Punch came out, I was excited for it as I loved Snyder’s Dawn of the Dead and, when I saw it on the big screen, I hated it.

Yup, utterly hated it. It looked lovely but it was soulless and I wasn’t impressed at all.

However, with Snyder being the star of our era of lockdowns, I recently revisited all of his movies in the longest available forms (the Watchmen director’s cut is utterly amazing by the way) and one of them was the extended version of Sucker Punch and I loved it. I got it this time, I understood what Snyder was trying to say and I loved the movie, I loved the story, the characters and the multi-layered storytelling.

So, when I reported last year that Snyder cinemaphotographer Larry Fong confirmed that a new Snyder Cut existed of Sucker Punch (here) I was pretty excited and keen to see it.

Now, Snyder himself has confirmed that it exists and how much Warner Brothers, again, altered his vision to make it more audience-friendly – almost becoming the thing it set out to destroy in its narrative.

“That is a movie I wrote with my friend Steve Shibuya and Steve and I had been talking about the movie for a long time actually because the movie to me is, you know, people don’t acknowledge it, but it’s a protest movie in a lot of ways,” Snyder told Vanity Fair.

So it seems that, yes, Snyder realises and understands that the movie is seriously misunderstood – and, as I said above, I was guilty of that too.

“It’s a movie about genre like I was asked at the time, why did you dress the girls like that and I always go ‘I didn’t dress them like that, you did.’ I always saw it as an indictment of, in some ways, popular culture. I think at the time I was criticized for it being the opposite, like some sort of sexist like, rant, but it was fun to make and I still love it to this day.”

The director then went on to say something fans of the SnyderCut will recognise: “[Sucker Punch] was the first time where I really faced, like, a true radical restructuring of the film for it to be more commercial. And there is a director’s cut of that movie that has yet to be released. I’ll say that out loud.”

However, it now seems that two of the stars from the movie, Abby Cornish and Jena Malone, who played Sweetpea and Rocket respectively, have got behind the idea of releasing a director’s cut of the movie.

A recent article about the fact that a director’s cut exists was retweeted by Malone, below, who wrote: “Dear friends, we will continue the movement. #releasethesnydercut “

This was then retweeted by Cornish.

Now, it’s unlikely the new cut will ever see the light of day as it’s owned by Warners who have severed all ties with Snyder… but we thought the same about Justice League until not too long ago.

So, who knows?

Would you want to see a Sucker Punch Director’s Cut? I certainly would but I want to hear what you all think.


-. (@Las_Vengeance) May 24, 2021

Unfortunately for fans, ‘Sucker Punch’ is owned by Warner Bros., and the studio has made it clear that it has severed all relations with Snyder.

So the launch is unlikely to happen.

Make sure to watch:


In a new interview about Army of the Dead, Sucker Punch came up and Snyder was asked if it was possible for NEtflix to release his cut of the movie, to which he replied: “that approach isn’t off the table.”


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