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Zombieland 2 is ‘still in development’

February 23rd, 2016 by Phil Robinson Comments


Zombie movies seem to just keep shuffling on these days, never quite striking the benchmark set by classics like Dawn of the Dead or Zombie Flesh Eaters. When Zombieland came on the scene, it was a studio trying to blend the undead with laughs, to entertaining results. Now, years on, is there still hope in reanimating the corpse of Zombieland 2?

After the pilot for a proposed series flopped over at Amazon, it seemed that the idea of any kind of follow up was hopeless. But it would seem that Sony is still interested in the idea.

Talking to the original’s co-scribe Rhett Reese (who also penned Deadpool with writing partner Paul Wernick), Indiewire (via Squareeyed) managed to get a little bit of information out of him about a possible future.

“It’s actually still in development at Sony, they’ve had a couple writers take a crack at it, we’re still exec producers and we’re guiding and helping where we can,” said Reese.

“I think there’s still very much talk about it, but I think it has to be right,” giving us hope that they’re not just going to do a sequel for a quick cash in on its predecessor’s success.

“I think all the actors and [original Zombieland director] Ruben [Fleischer], all feel like there’s no reason to do it again if we’re not getting it exactly right.”

So where does that leave things? Who really knows at this stage. We’ve always been hopeful for more Zombieland, and knowing that they’re taking their time with it (much like they had to do with Deadpool) is surely a good sign.

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